Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Missouri Pilot's POTA Activation

Contributed by John Ford ABØO 

I thought that my recent activation of Parks on the Air K-1768 was unique enough to deserve a recap. As some of you know, I fly an old but still capable Cessna whenever I can and sometimes it allows me to mix hobbies…such as flying and activating Parks On The Air.  In this case, POTA K-1768 is the Lake of the Ozarks State park…and this is the story.

The short story was that the 40m band was unusually quiet that day, but the signals were almost all 59+.  On the POTA Facebook group, I expressed my many thanks to the 42 “hunters” who listened for me and worked me.  The pileup was very active and thanks again to N5HA for spotting on the clusters since my internet was, well, spotty. I was able to log 42 QSOs in 26 minutes, so can’t ask for better!

The longer story began with a very good weather forecast for the region, so I decided to take the plane out for a spin (figuratively) and see where I ended up. I thought I would look for breakfast at an airport diner, and then maybe end up somewhere that I could borrow a “crew car” and activate a nearby park. Many, if not most, small airports have a crew car that pilots can borrow to go into town for a meal, or for a 2-hour tour of the area.

Otherwise, no real plan, so I blasted off from my home airport at about 9AM. Getting on the radar with the successive air traffic controllers from Kansas City, Whiteman, and Mizzou was smooth and I decided to drop into Grand Glaize Airport(K15) in the resort town of Osage Beach, Missouri. I had heard that the town was walking distance from the airport. It was a typical sleepy small town airport…and the friendly airport manager pointed me to walk across the runway to the nearby mainstreet diner, where I found good pancakes and coffee for breakfast.

Returning to the airport to sign out, I noticed a map of the Lake of the Ozarks State Park on the wall and then I saw that there was an airport INSIDE the state park! You gotta be kidding me! The airport manager said it was a very quiet airport, but with a long runway and very large apron.

So, in the finest movie tradition of Tora, Tora, Tora and Midway…it was “PILOTS TO YOUR PLANES!”…I sprinted (perhaps an exaggeration…) to my plane and was climbing out of Grand Glaize airport within minutes. The Lake of the Ozarks State Park airport, Lee C. Fine Memorial Airport, was visible almost immediately, so I landed within 10 minutes and taxied to the edge of the huge apron next to a grassy open field…perfect! Except for one or two other planes parked closer to the “terminal”, it looked like I was going to be alone. While I was there, maybe one or two twin-engine planes landed, dropped off passengers, and took off again.

OK, I set up the antenna behind the plane on the grass, and of course, it made perfect sense to use the airplane’s rear stabilizer as my shack/desk. I had the sun at my back so the radio's display was shaded...all good!

My cell phone showed no bars, but halfway through setup, I hear an email ding…I grab it and had just enough signal to send a spot to the POTA site before my bars faded…cell phone QSB, I guess.

I get the KX3 tuned to 7.229, and N5HA was waiting for me, worked me, and re-spotted me. From then on, it was a frenzied 59 pileup until I had 42 stations in the log. From the POTA database perspective, I was the forth person to activate the park, ever, so in the greater scheme of things, the park is somewhat “rare DX” and eagerly hunted when spotted…which is what makes park activation fun.

The wind had kicked up and toppled my antenna once during the pileup, so I decided that I had satisfied the park activation criteria and it was time to pack up and leave. But, as I had done many times after the pileup subsides…I leaned back in my chair and just took in the sounds of nature (and airplanes), relaxed, and played tourist for a while. Nice place…worth the trip.

Shortly, I was climbing out of there into the blue sky and getting picked up by the Mizzou and Whiteman Radar Air Traffic Controllers was quick and easy. I had to trade my higher-pitched “contest/pileup voice” for the baritone drawl of “airline captain”, but hey, when in Rome... At least, I didn’t have a brain slip and blurt out my amateur callsign to the air traffic controller instead of the airplane N-number! (I know someone who did…)

Anyway, a bit different from the usual activation, and it was fun to mix two hobbies on a sunny day in the Ozarks!

73 de,

John Ford, ABØO

Friday, November 29, 2019

A Beginners Guide To Ham Radio In Space

We have a few experts in the group but a lot of us are very curious about working satellites. This video is K6UDA's first adventure in to "working the birds". Enjoy !

From K6UDA - "The most entertaining look at amateur radio satellites ever. In my almost 10 years in the hobby, I've been intimidated and never tried to work satellites. That's about to change. Join me as I take the mystery out of Ham Radio Satellites. If I can do it, so can you."

Saturday, November 23, 2019

SEKARC Annual Holiday Dinner

SEKARC will be having it's annual Holiday Dinner and it will be held at Barto's Idle Hour, Wednesday December 11th at 6 PM. The SEKARC FM net will not be held that evening. Everyone is invited and XYL's and kids or anyone you would like to bring are also welcome to come!

It will be a buy your own meal and drinks (best chicken in town some say) but you do not have to eat or stay long but we would love to see you! Please RSVP on the form below and let us know if you are coming to the dinner and how many including you, will be attending !! They have a nice big room in the back but we do need a count!

We will also be having a secret Santa gift exchange so feel free to bring a small gift and you will be in the running to receive one via ticket drawing! So if you bring a gift you will GET A GIFT !! 

And something new this year.... we are partnering with KEØAKN and the Joplin Amateur Radio Club to help provide toys for the KOAM Toy Box for kids! Bring one new unopened toy for a donation in the name of SEKARC!

Monday, November 11, 2019

NEW !! VHF/UHF Bluetooth APP-Radio

This is kind of cool.... I am guessing this will be am item more widespread with the smartphone and bluetooth world we are living in.

From HamRadioConcepts - The Vero Telecom VGC VR-N7500 is a brand new 50watt VHF/40 watt UHF Headless ham transceiver with a solid build quality. It is very different in design compared to any other ham radio you have used in your mobile or base. Check out the video to see what it's like.


Sunday, September 22, 2019

September SEKARC Meeting 10/26/19

The Southeast Kansas Amateur Radio Club will be having it's September meeting Saturday the 26TH at 9am in the Training Room at Fire Station #1. The station is located at 911 W 4th Street in  Pittsburg. As always, we will have coffee, hot breakfast and donuts!

Then at 10:30 we will hold our SECOND VE Testing session. So we hope to have a couple of new hams then also. Looking forward to the day so make your plans and lets have a ham radio day.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Favorite HF Band... A SURVEY !!

We have some new hams and new members and many of us are looking to improve our antenna farms so I have been curious which bands are the most favorite! So many radios, so many antennas and SO MANY BANDS to choose from. We all have our favorites so let us know which ones are your TWO favorite HF bands. We did not include 6m because well it's not HF so don't be disappointed that you don't see it. 6 meters is kind of it's own category and an AWESOME band!

We are distributing this survey to MANY venues so feel free to send to anyone that might be interested including other ham clubs and operators that may not be on our list! We will post a summary in a few weeks after we get a good amount or responses! Thanks and 73 !!

Sunday, August 25, 2019


SEKARC will hold it's FIRST VE Testing session on September 5th at 4:30 in the Training Room at Fire Station #1 in Pittsburg. This is a another HUGE accomplishment for the club as we grow and improve our community offerings.

We have one test scheduled so if you would like to inquire about taking your test to upgrade or your first tech license, please send us an email at sekarc.net@gmail.com.

Our plan is to offer testing after each of our meetings in September, October and November so stay tuned and if you are interested in participating please see this site ARRL VE TESTER INFORMATION. It is easy to get signed up wit ha simple review and questionnaire that is sent in.

Thanks to those that have been approved for VE Testers and let's keep it growing !!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Joplin Hamfest - Coming Up Quick

The Joplin Amateur Radio Club Hamfest is just about here! It is Friday August 23rd and Saturday the 24th. We can get in to setup our tables on Thursday between 10am-5pm and Friday at 8am. While we don't have a lot to setup and probably can do it on on Friday morning it might still be fun to get in on Thursday if anyone wants to.

We have 3 tables resereved 2 with the club and one that Cecil NØEHP purchased for shared use and after trading with KA6DOY we will have all 3 tables together. We will all be able to use the space for selling items personally and/or if you would like to you can sell extra, not being used items and the proceeds will be considered a donation to the SEKARC. If you are selling something for yourself then please list the price AND your callsign on the price tag or label. If there is no callsign we will assume it is a club donation.

With the temporary location keep in mind that parking is limited but they are offering a shuttle from a remote parking site setup at the former location the Joplin Convention Center. Even with the smaller site this is still a  GREAT hamfest and the Joplin club does a fantastic job with this event.

New hams and "experienced" hams will have a great time. Let Matt KØVLL or myself Jeff KAØEGE know if you need us to haul anything over there. I will probably be there Thurday, Friday and Saturday so let us know. They are offering some GREAT door prizes like they always do and usually there are more on site that are donated by the vendors. It is always fun and now with the WiresX in operation we know a lot more hams in the region that we will get to eyeball QSO.

CLICK link below for information !!



Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Jean Shepherd WOR Radio

Here are two GREAT videos about ham radio operations from decades ago. This ham/broadcaster is a master story teller and has two great stories about his days operating ham radio as a young man. Very entertaining so give them both a listen.

If his voice sounds familiar..... he did the narration for "A Christmas Story". There are many many more on YouTube so check them out. Here is a link to his Wikipidia page : Jean Shapherd

For this one below you may have to click on the "WATCH ON YOUTUBE" LINK

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Breakfast Meeting - Hardee's

When: Saturday July 27th
When: 9:00 AM
Where: Hardee's South Broadway Pittsburg
Why: Because We Can

Almost forgot, but summer is a busy time so if you have a few minutes on your Saturday please stop by. We have some hams that may not be able to make it to the Wednesday coffee so this is a perfect chance to meet us AND you so see you there !!

We can talk new antenna installs, hamfest coming up soon, deed restrictions on antennas and other fun stuff. Always a fun group to visit with... bring your latest build !!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

2 Meter Band Exploration and Controversy

2 Meter Band..... some info about the 2 meter band and he also addresses the current 2 meter controversy. Great information so watch and enjoy! Dave makes some great videos, please check out his YouTube Channel.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Short Stormy Field Day 2019

Stats and photos below below so check them out !!

Well the SEKARC Field Day 2019 was abbreviated but as always we learned things to improve and truly put emergency power generation to the test. We had a tri-band vertical on top of the tower for 2m, 70cm and 6m. Attached to the tower were 3 dipoles for 20m, 40m and 80m.

We used the Crawford County Emergency Management tower with generator. We were rolling good for a few hours. Sitting on 40m running pileup after pileup. Then everything went quiet and power was off. Generator failed, clogged fuel filter we suspect was the culprit. We made a trip to O'reilly for a replacement and a call was placed to Jason the Emergency Manager. And once again Jason saved the day and within 30 minutes he another BIGGER generator on site. And we were back on the air and fans were blowing again.

Jason later brought us the correct replacement filter he found at Tractor Supply. The one we bought was close but not the perfect fit. So it was a good test for Jason and he determined the tower trailer generator needed a tuneup and service check.

Another life saver was Bruce KØEMG who brought a grill, and chips and cooked us burgers for lunch and chicken for dinner. THANKS again Bruce. We just totally had not thought that far. Oh and by the way... the lights on top of large stand alone generator were awesome and DAYLIGHT BRIGHT. We lit up that park like never before. (Well we had to test them right?)

We were rolling good until the overnight storms rolled in. We had a goal of 1,000 contacts and if we had kept the original pace we would have easily exceeded that goal. We did learn a few things. One of those being that if there are storms in the forecast next Field Day we will not even mess with the tower. We are bound to have some good weather one of these years... right ?

We even got some public service time and got to help out the Crawford County Emergency Management bu touching up some paint on the trailer. We repainted  the 4 wheels and cleaned and painted the two motors that operated the tower. Great job SEKARC !!

Thanks to all that showed up, help setup, operate, log, cook and visit. It was still a good weekend. By 6am Sunday we were back home packed away and tower and generators back at the county site. Now time to think about making Field Day 2020 even better !!

Avg Qs/Hr (breaks > 30 min deducted): 66.0
 Total Contacts by Band and Mode:
 Band      CW  Ph      Dig     Total       %
 ----       --   -----     ---   -----     ---
   80             0       1       0         1           0
   40             0     426       0      426      93
   20             0      21       0       21          5
   15              0       8       0        8            2
    2                0       1       0        1           0
            --   -----     ---   -----     ---
 Total            0     457       0     457     100

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Field Day 2019

After many years of Field Day at Big Brutus we decided to move the Field Day location for 2019. We are going to be set up at the State Fishing Lake at US169 and 160 Highway one mile north of Frontenac. Map link posted below so you can click and go!

Our plan is to arrive between 8:30 and 9am Saturday and we will setup the Crawford County Tower with antennas and the station in the shelter. We will be using the generator on the tower for power and plan on operating as a 1A so our exchange will be 1AKS.

 We would love to have anyone come out and help set up, operate the station and/or log also. We will have headsets available. We are planning on putting antennas up for 2m, 70cm, 6m, 10m, 40m and 80m for sure and possibly 160m.

Weather forecast is not perfect so keep an eye on that but we will be in touch using the 146.94 repeater if you need to reach us before you come out. We hope to see you this weekend and it should be a fun 24 hrs. Hey at least it's not 95 degrees right ?

Monday, May 27, 2019

May Coffee Meeting

We had a short notice meeting last Saturday at Hardee's here in Pittsburg and had a great turnout. A couple made it across the new lakes formed here in SEK and SWMO from all of the rain we had. Good to see we had a couple of projects and show and tell items from Joe WØMQY and Bill WBØLXZ. (see pictures below of the Hilltopper set up and the 1940's model Milliamp Meter). Great to see everyone and we all had a great time. Good breakfast, good coffee and GREAT club members!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dayton Hamvention 2019

Here is a look at Dayton Hamvention from a favorite YouTuber Ham Radio Concepts !! Enjoy !!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Great Nets This Week !!!

We had 2 great nets this week... the FM net on Wed at 8pm had I think 15 stations checking in. It was nice to hear from Joe WØMQY as we have not heard him for a while on the FM net. Glad he is feeling better also!

The Four States Fusion net was great fun. We had 10 stations gathered up. We had Frontenac, Carl Junction, Pittsburg, Riverton and Joplin represented locally and distant check ins were from Manhattan KS. Also getting in late were Bartlesville OK and how about this..... AUSTRALIA !! VK4MSS Mal checked in and wow was he entertaining. The accent was great and we was funny too. Something about being up to his britches in alligators? He said we was going to try and be a regular so stay tuned and stop by for a Fusion DX chat!

Friday, April 26, 2019

From FT8 to FT4

New mode from the FT8 folks!! Here is a presentation from the developer Dr. Taylor. He begins with some info on FT8 and then moves to the new FT4 mode.

I believe there were some changes made right after this FT4 presentation. The version of FT4 that will be coming out on Monday is synchronous, on a 6-second cycle, and requires a more accurate clock than FT8.  One thing that you can do now, before the program release on Monday, is to make sure that your computer clock is as accurate as possible.  The Meinberg NTP program is recommended by K1JT for keeping your clock accurate https://www.meinbergglobal.com/english/sw/ntp.htm

You can check the accuracy of your computer clock by going to www.time.is

Thursday, April 18, 2019

ARRL The Doctor Is In Podcast

This might be interesting to many of you.. ARRL Podcast called "Listening Outside the Ham Bands". Anyone can listen anywhere, and you never know what you might find!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

First Look at the Yaesu FTdx101D

Well it's finally landing...... here is a short overview of the brand new Yaesu SDR Transceiver the brand new FTdx101D. Check this beauty out and yes if you want to buy me one... I WILL accept delivery !!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

New SEKARC/ARES Repeater

Great news from the SEKARC !!

KØSEK has a new repeater on the air in Crawford County! With the help from some donated equipment from Crawford County and hard work from Bill, Tyler and Matt we have a new all FM repeater on the air. It is located at the county tower, Southwest of Girard and is up about 300 feet. The frequency is 147.24 with a PL Tone of 91.5. No need for tone squelch on this one! If your radio has a NARROW FM setting you might set it up that way since the repeater can only be set to narrow mode but either way it should not be an issue.

We have received test reports from Galena, Parsons, Carl Junction and coverage is very good. It can be reached in Pittsburg on an HT but is scratchy as expected but still able to copy. This repeater will be the primary ARES repeater but we would love to have it used freely. The connection with the new ARES group has helped us in obtaining the donated equipment from the county which was in the 150 mhz range. We needed a higher VHF frequency for gear that was pretty much ready to get on the air! We had to do some duplexer tuning but in short order we had it ready.

We have a lot of options going forward for area repeaters so stay tuned and get involved as we grow and change. Here is a link to the clubs local repeater listing and map image of the location...

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Review - Retevis RT91 Amplifier

Here is a review of the Retevis HT amplifier for DMR, Fusion and other signals. Could be the answer for weak signal HT's !!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

WiresX Is Up And Running !!!

Well after talking about for a year or more, we finally got the SEKARC UHF repeater connected to WiresX. The setup is an FTM-100 and HRI-200 setup as a node connected to the clubs UHF repeater at 442.675. The remote node station is setup at the office of KØVLL in Pittsburg.

The 442.675 repeater will still fully function like it did before for those that do not have a WiresX radio. FM functions as it did before unless there is Fusion traffic. It took a few days to get the bugs worked out but I believe the setup bugs have been exterminated and we will be on the lookout for new infestations. If you experience issues please send an email to the group or to the club direct email which is sekarc.net@gmail.com

If you are traveling and can get into a WiresX repeater or Node you can connect to use here by connecting to the room # 46341 or the room name SE-KANSAS. If in the Joplin area you can try the WiresX node on 144.910 operated by Brian KBØDXS. Please get in there and try it out! Yesterday I spoke with a ham that used to check in to our nets every week Casey Cook KDØFRL who now lives in Virginia. He said to be sure and say hi to Big Larry NØMST and like magic he showed up at the coffee today!

There are some good deals out there right now especially the Fusion dual band HT the FT-70d is only $125 or so. The FT-991 will do it also. I have an HT the FT1D and a FTM-400 which is back ordered darn it! I attached below some links for help with WiresX so have fun and let us know if we can help!

Monday, March 11, 2019

WWV Inside Tour

Here is a neat look in to the WWV facility in Colorado !!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

5 Things "Ruining" Ham Radio?


K6UDA strikes again. (By the way we had a QSO with him on Winter Field Day) He makes some very interesting videos and has a lot of different takes on our hobby. Please check this out and follow his K6UDA YouTube channel !!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Great YouTuber and What Is ARES?

First place to get info on ARES is of course with the ARRL ARES website. (Click Here). There is a lot of information of various levels out there. I was running through some videos on the Yaesu FTM-400 and I found this guy. I HIGHLY recommend that you check out his videos on his YouTube Channel linked here --> HAM RADIO CRASH COURSE.

This video is an interview he has with a couple of guests discussing ARES (after a beer to begin with). With our meeting this Saturday on the ARES topic, this might be a good introduction. It is kind of long and gets a little off topic at times but has good info from experienced ARES folks. There are probably a lot of ARES videos out there and there are additional links below the video. See you Saturday!

Here are some good ARES links as well

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Secret Life of Machines - Radio

This a great old video about the science and discovery behind radio. Also it is pretty funny. Check it out!

Friday, February 8, 2019

SEKARC Exam Day Friday Feb 8th 2019

Here are the answers to last weeks questions...
G1A05 (A) [97.301(d)] Which of the following frequencies is in the General class portion of the 40-meter band in ITU Region 2?
A. 7.250 MHz
B. 7.500 MHz
C. 40.200 MHz
D. 40.500 MHz
-- On 40m, General Class operators may only operate SSB from 7.175 to 7.300 MHz. That means 7.250 MHz is a frequency in the General Class portion of the 40 meter band. (G1A05)

G3B03 (A) Which of the following applies when selecting a frequency for lowest attenuation when transmitting on HF?
A. Select a frequency just below the MUF
B. Select a frequency just above the LUF
C. Select a frequency just below the critical frequency
D. Select a frequency just above the critical frequency
-- When selecting a frequency for lowest attenuation when transmitting on HF, select a frequency just below the MUF

This weeks questions !!!

G3A09 (A) 
What benefit can high geomagnetic activity have on radio communications? 
A. Auroras that can reflect VHF signals 
B. Higher signal strength for HF signals passing through the polar regions 
C. Improved HF long path propagation 
D. Reduced long delayed echoes

G3B10 (B) 
What is the approximate maximum distance along the Earth’s surface that is normally covered in one hop using the E region? 
A. 180 miles 
B. 1,200 miles 
C. 2,500 miles 
D. 12,000 miles

Thursday, February 7, 2019

First Four States Fusion Net - Awesome !!

The first run of the Four States Fusion Net was a complete success and just in time before the winter thunderstorm heated up. We had 10 total stations on the net, 2 states represented. There were 6 different Fusion models used to talk on the FSFN this time.

Most radios had their GPS turned on and we got good information from that and the mileage matched on both sides that were reported. The longest was WØHL Dennis who was 36.6 miles away in Nevada and he had a nice clean signal. The Closest to me was .6 miles N3LRH Leon and Matt KØVLL was mobile and started 1.8 miles and he reported when he stopped he was .4 miles from me. We did have KBØDXS from Racine MO but I don't think I received his GPS info.

I will track this information when possible and report it here. Let's keep it rolling and be sure and to invite those operators you know using Fusion to join us. It will be awesome when we get our first actual all FOUR STATE check ins!

Here is a rundown of the checkins, radios and distance

KØVLL Matt FTM-100 1.8 to .4 miles
KEØCZR Milton FTM-100 25 miles SSE
KØSMK Willis FTM-100 19.8 miles S
N3LRH Leon FTM-100 .6 miles N
NØSLT Steve FT70d
WØHL Dennis FTM-400 36.6 miles NNE
KBØPQP Tyler FT-991
KBØDXS Brain FT-3200

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Four States Fusion Net

We are having a Four States Fusion Net every Thursday at 7pm on the 442.675 repeater or in the KANSAS CITY WIDE network. Everyone with a Fusion radio is invited to participate when possible. We would like to get 3-4 volunteers to run net control once a month so let us know if you would like to help out!

A lot of us have a Yaesu radio that does Fusion and we just are not using it. Let's test and get more familiar with the C4FM side of our gear. We will use DN mode and it is recommended to NOT have your radio in "AMS" mode or Automatic Mode Select as you could have your radio change to FM during the net and could be confusing.

Here is a link to the Net Control Script !!

And here is the link to the LIVE ONLINE LOG !!

Friday, February 1, 2019

SEKARC Exam Day Friday

We are starting a regular new feature here on SEKARC every Friday. This could help everyone refresh their memory and to keep learning new things. We will post 2 questions each week from the GENERAL Class Exam and the answers will be posted with next Friday's posted questions.

Let's have fun and keep learning and even discuss these questions at the Coffee QSO. I am tracking the posted questions so there SHOULD not be any dups. Have fun!

G1A05 (A) [97.301(d)] Which of the following frequencies is in the General class portion of the 40-meter band in ITU Region 2?
A. 7.250 MHz
B. 7.500 MHz
C. 40.200 MHz
D. 40.500 MHz

G3B03 (A) Which of the following applies when selecting a frequency for lowest attenuation when transmitting on HF?
A. Select a frequency just below the MUF
B. Select a frequency just above the LUF
C. Select a frequency just below the critical frequency
D. Select a frequency just above the critical frequency

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Winter Field Day 2019

Greg WI4T
Winter Field Day 2019 was a TREMENDOUS success. There are some details listed below along with photos and video from the event. A special thanks to Tyler KBØPQP for hosting the WFD event this year. The antennas were great, indoor shack was warm and we had lot's of operators and visitors. Greg even gave us some bonus points by making a satellite contact with WA6RLR in California on SAT AO91 (see video below). What a great field day!

Thank you for these members and guests operating, logging, helping with antenna setup and shack wiring and for stopping by!! Great job by these hams, Tyler KBØPQP, Matt KØVLL, Jeff KAØEGE, Willis KØSMK, Ron WØSEJ, Ron KBØNRG, Phil KØPR, Milton KEØCZR, Leon N3LRH, Steve NØSLT, Greg WI4T, Cecil NØEHP and Bob AEØAQ visiting from Parsons. If I missed anyone please let me know!

Total Contacts = 813
Total Points = 4,878

 Operating Period: 2019/01/26 19:05 - 2019/01/27 19:00

 Total op time (breaks > 30 min deducted): -25:-58:-04
 Total op time (breaks > 60 min deducted): -24:-34:-10

 Avg Qs/Hr (breaks > 30 min deducted): -31.3

 Total Contacts by Band and Mode:
 Band       CW   Phone     Dig   Total       %
 ----       --   -----     ---   -----     ---
   80           0       34            0      34           4
   40           0     316            0     316        39
   20           0     459            0     459        56
    2            0         2            0       2            0
   70           0         1            0       1            0
  SAT         0         1            0       1            0
            --          -----          ---    -----         ---
 Total         0     813            0     813       100

 Total Contacts by Country:
 Country                      Total     %
 -------                           -----    ---
 USA                             767      94
 Canada                          38        5
 Alaska                            2          0
 Bahamas                        1          0
 Guantanamo Bay           1          0
 Netherlands                    1          0
 Portugal                          1          0
 Puerto Rico                     1          0
 Wales                              1          0

 Total = 9