The local FM net is held Wednesday evening on the Pittsburg VHF repeater 146.94. It begins with the call for check ins at 8:00 pm. Anyone is welcome to join the net. We usually acknowledge check ins, ask for any brief updates or announcements the station may have. It is brief but still good to make regular contacts!

Normally KAƘEGE - Jeff is the net control but we would like to welcome anyone that would like to give the job a go, just let us know! Below is the script that we normally use so listen to a few and then let us know if you would like to fill in occasionally or regularly share the duties!

Thanks for the Check Ins !! 


SEKARC FM Net Control Script

This is  (NC Call Sign),  My name is (NC Name), and I am the net control for the SEKARC net on the Pittsburg 94 repeater.  If there are stations with emergency or priority traffic call now. (unkey) 

None heard, I will continue… The purpose of this net is to increase awareness and communication among local amateur radio operators in the Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri. You can find more information about our club at . (unkey) 

This is an open net and any station on frequency may check in. When checking in, please give your call sign, name and location and after check ins are complete I will go down the list for comments and discussion! Again I am your net control and my call sign is  (NC Call Sign) and we will start taking check ins now. (unkey)

Acknowledge check ins…………

Once all check ins are over go down the list of check ins to ask for comments and discussion! When discussion and announcements stop... ask for late checkins...

Are there any other stations wishing to check in at this time ? (unkey)

Are there anymore comments or suggestions tonight? (unkey)
Thanks for joining us and we’d like to thank the Trustees of this repeater for allowing us to use it on Wednesday nights.

This is (NC Call Sign), closing the net and returning the repeater, to regular  use. (unkey)