Four States Fusion Net

We are kicking off a new net in the local area next Wednesday February 6th. It will be for any Yaesu Fusion operators within reach and it will be held every Wednesday night at 7:30pm on the 146.94 repeater. The repeater is located 2 miles South of Pittsburg and is up about 500 feet so the reach should cover all four states at times. Everyone with a Fusion radio is invited to participate when possible. We would like to get 3-4 volunteers to run net control once a month so let us know if you would like to help out!

A lot of us have a Yaesu radio that does Fusion and we just are not using it. Let's test and get more familiar with the C4FM side of our gear. We will use DN mode and it is recommended to NOT have your radio in "AMS" mode or Automatic Mode Select as you could have your radio change to FM during the net and could be confusing.

Eventually, when we get the WiresX network setup we could potentially have check ins from all over the world! Stick around for the SEKARC FM net at 8pm.


  1. Will give it a try with my handheld FT-70. Don’t get to use much.


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