July Meeting Saturday 7/26/13

Everyone is welcome to attend our meeting tomorrow (Sat) at 9am - Hardee's !!
We also plan on going to the park after the meeting for some field work. Please bring your gear if you would like, or just stop by for a visit.
We have several antennas that we will be trying out !!

Tonight's Net Cancelled - July 17

Due to prior family obligations, the SEKARC net scheduled for this evening has been cancelled. We will resume next Wednesday 7/24 at 8 pm.

Thanks and see you next week !!

Net Control - KDØSEG - Jeff

Club Update and Information

Club Update !

Hello everyone, as we discussed at the June meeting I am thinking of working towards getting the club to official affiliated club status with the ARRL. With that and other steps we can obtain a club call sign for use on Field Day and Special Events ( like Little Balkins Days perhaps ). One of the requirements is to submit a club roster. I do not want to assume everyone wants to be included on that list so if you WOULD like to be counted as an official member please email your answers to sekarc.net@gmail.com to the questions below..

Q#1 - Would you like your call and name to included on a roster for SEKARC

Q#2 - Would you be ok with your call sign listed on the sekarc.net website under a "Roster" tab ?

As before, none of this requires any monetary input or expense. We are keeping it simple, but with some appearance of organization! With the ARRL affiliation there are a few more requirements like officers and a "charter" but we can talk about this and more at the next meeting on July 27, 9am at Hardee's.

I look forward to your responses and only if you reply with a YES to question #1 will you be on the list. I will not add anyone just by default.. it is an "Opt In" process !

73's everyone !


This is a great Special Event to participate in for Independence Day !! I am 2 colonies in, 11 to go plus the bonus station from Independence Hall in Philly !! Check it out !!


13 Colonies Special Event
JULY 1-6, 2013


The 2013, 13 Colonies stations will operate from 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time (1300Z),on July 1st, to 12:00 PM (midnight) Eastern Daylight Savings Time, July 6 (0400Z, July 7) .

There will be at least two S.E. stations per colony state. Also included will be Super contest stations, multi-operator Club stations and OM & XYL teams.

The total QSO count for 2012 was 62,079 - expect MORE in 2013!