Wednesday, July 30, 2014

'Holy Grail' of battery design achieved: A stable lithium anode

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Full Story Here -- 'Holy Grail' of battery design achieved: A stable lithium anode

Engineers use carbon nanospheres to protect lithium from the reactive and expansive problems that have restricted its use as an anode

Engineers across the globe have been racing to design smaller, cheaper and more efficient rechargeable batteries to meet the power storage needs of everything from handheld gadgets to electric cars.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Meeting and Lincoln Park

The July meeting of SEKARC was held Saturday and it was a very good one. Bill WBØLXZ brought his project that he has been working on for a demonstration. A 555 keyer plus sidetone paddle. At the coffee on Wednesday he had his schematic and circuit board all printed and by Saturday it was complete! We had a great turnout at Hardee's and I can happily say that I think we are outgrowing Hardee's as the location for our meetings.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

QRP - Discoveries and Experiences

By David Keath NØWKZ

As of late, I have been accumulating more experiences, not just with CW, but also with QRP operations. Indeed, a number of recent portable operations were quite instructive for me. What I hope is that by sharing these perhaps, minor details, I might be able to save some other operators the trouble of so much frustration.

Voices of Experience

First, and as always, I think the number one thing I am continuing to find is that the best source of advice and help is Elmer's. Operators with years of experience. This is a source of knowledge that can never be underestimated. Oh, and don't be like me. Don't selectively take advice from Elmer's while ignoring some things in favor of stubborn personal ideas. The object really is to operate. These guys usually know how to help you get up and going. If you need help; ask for it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

AmateurLogic.TV Goes to Dayton

Great show and a great topic! Dayton! This episode highlights the host's trip to Dayton. As many of you know, these shows are very good and I think that I prefer these guys to the big dollar Ham Nation production. Check out the lastest episode..

Check out and follow their sites !!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Missing on the Roster ?

Hello, are you missing on the club roster? Please check the OFFICERS and MEMBERS tab and see if you are listed and if you are not but want to be, then send us an email @ and I will get you added! I have tried to keep it up to date from the website form submissions but I want to make sure.

Also... if you have any ideas or thoughts that you would like to contribute to the website please let me know! I would love to get more regular authors so our website can be as informative and as interesting as possible. I bet you all are getting tired of hearing from me? You can write it up in a separate doc or I can get you signed up to draft it right here on the Blogger posting site.

Remember... our next monthly meeting will be Sat July 26th at Hardee's in Pittsburg at 9 am and after the meeting we will head to the park to set up our gear and get on the air! We probably will not have a shelter but just find an open spot. If any of you have ideas for a different location for setup then let us know!

From the KOAM/Fox14 Visit !

Thursday, July 10, 2014

SEKARC in the NEWS !

For those that missed it or are not in the area, here is the video from the KOAM broadcast and some photos from the event will be posted later! Great coverage by the reporter Stacey Lindsay. Stacey was there over an hour and talked to most of us and she was very interested and fascinated the what we do and why. Hopefully we convinced her to get her amateur ticket!

Monday, July 7, 2014


Stacey Lindsay from Fox14 and KOAM stopped by Big Brutus on Field Day and was very interested and spoke with a lot of operators. They had a very nice mention with some video on both newscasts that night and also a write up on their websites! Linked HERE!

Thanks to Stacey and KOAM TV for this great story !!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Field Day Results, Sights and Sounds

Field Day 2014 is in the books and behind us. I think that overall it was a success! Certainly an improvement on last year and our thanks go to the Hams that contributed! If I missed anyone below please let me know and I will get them added to the list!

KAØEGE - Jeff    KDØRTX - Loren    WØMQY - Joe  
WDØCFH - Jack    KBØPQP - Tyler    KCØSHN - Jordan
NØIGZ - Frank    N3LRH - Leon    N2UHC - Tom  
ADØHW - Gailen    KDØCUR - Justin    KDØDET - Mike
KEØAKP - Keith

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quick News and Reminders !!

Quick news... I spoke with Steve N5SD today and let me know that the 444.8 repeater is up and running! PL tone of 91.5, and it is 500 ft up on the cable tower South of Pittsburg! This is great news and should expand the areas reach by a great deal! Give it a try! He said it still needs some adjusting and some other work but he said spread the news and give it a call! Thanks to Steve and those that completed this work, what a great surprise!

Reminder... Today is the beginning of the 13 Colonies Special Event Station. I was able to work them all last year and get my Clean Sweep stamp! They have added an additional bonus station for 2014. Check out the details and the great looking certificate when you get all 13! Click the image below for more details!!

*** Field Day Logs are being compiled and I should have that completed tomorrow! Watch here for updates !!