Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Meeting and Lincoln Park

The July meeting of SEKARC was held Saturday and it was a very good one. Bill WBØLXZ brought his project that he has been working on for a demonstration. A 555 keyer plus sidetone paddle. At the coffee on Wednesday he had his schematic and circuit board all printed and by Saturday it was complete! We had a great turnout at Hardee's and I can happily say that I think we are outgrowing Hardee's as the location for our meetings.

We are exploring ideas and options and one idea came from Dennis KBØLFL which was to maybe meet at the fire station. I thought this was a great idea and I am talking to my neighbor who is a Pittsburg fireman and this might work out to be a GREAT option. He invited us to come by and check out the training room at Station #1 on 4th street. By the way the room holds 80 people!!

After a couple of cups of coffee and some interesting conversation, some of us headed to Lincoln Park to setup and test our portable stations. Jack WDØCFH, Joe WØMQY and Cecil NØEHP set up stations and made a few contacts and others assisted in the setup and antenna deloyement. Cecil even cut and built his dipole antenna on site! We listened to a nice QSO between a corporate jet pilot in the air out west, talking to his father in South Carolina. A few minutes later Cecil had a QSO with the father, K4MQG. I caught a portion of that QSO in the clip below! I have compiled some photos, sound and other video from the park so I hope you enjoy it! Also, be sure and check out and SUBSCRIBE to the new SEKARC YouTube Channel.


  1. We missed you David... but understand the migrane thing. Not fun at all, especially when it is so hot ! Hopefully next time it will cool off !!

  2. Great coverage Jeff .... We are "movin on up" as a club.


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