Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ARRL Podcast - Meteor Scatter

Meteor Scatter

Some of the members have been making some meteor scatter contacts and I thought this podcast might be interesting to the club! Between five and 300 metric tons of space debris plunges into our atmosphere every day. And believe it or not, hams have been bouncing signals off of it for decades!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Great January Meeting

Thanks to the good crowd for the January meeting of the SEKARC! Great turnout, good food, fresh coffee, friendly eyeball QSO's and an informative presentation introduction to the LT Spice IV program. A free program to download but full of useful aids for building and analyzing circuits! Thanks to Bill WBØLXZ!

We had a few first time attendees and added a couple of new hams to the roster! Member Romel Downs KEØAKO had the 2 newest hams, his sons KEØKOW Zach and KEØKYU Tyler asked to join the Roster! Matt KEØKGV attended his first official meeting after participating in other club activities and we also had a new attendee Greg WI4T from near Lamar joined us as well! Welcome to them and thanks for all that attended! The SEKARC is still growing and 2017 should be a fantastic year!

The official business took care of a couple of things as well. It was moved, seconded and approved that we keep the current officers for a 2nd year as we did before! President Jack WDØCFH, Vice-President Joe WØMQY (wom-quee) and Jeff Chancey KAØEGE Sec/Treasurer will retain their offices for 2017.

It was also approved to move forward with adding Echolink to the clubs UHF repeater. We have the Raspberry Pi and internet access we just need to build an interface to connect them all. We will provide updates as progress is made. While you wait.... if you haven't already, download the Echolink app for your smartphone or pc and get your license setup and navigate around some. It's a nice tool, and method to keep in touch while out of range of the repeater!


I see you Ron......

Schematic for below RF Range Finder
Built from the schematic above !

One of Bill's projects - SDR

Thursday, January 26, 2017

SEKARC Meeting Saturday Jan 28th 9AM

Make plans to attend the January meeting of the SEKARC! We will have coffee, breakfast and donuts ready by 9am so come on by! We are meeting at Fire Station #1 in Pittsburg 911 W 4th in Pittsburg. There is a local map below and I highlighted the parking locations in yellow if you have never been there!

The main topic of the meeting is the election of officers for 2017. Then after the business is handled we will have a presentation from Bill WBØLXZ on the software program LTSpice! We will also have an update after meeting with the new Crawford County Emergency Manager and possible activity when the weather warms up some! Hopefully we will have some new faces that pop in as I have heard from a couple of newer members so we will see you all there!

Parking in YELLOW. Behind station, on the South side of 3rd Street or the East side of Warren Street

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Election of Officers for 2017

Yes it is that time again! The SEKARC will be voting in new officers for 2017 at the January meeting on the 28th at Fire Station#1 in Pittsburg. Of course we will have the usual breakfast casserole, coffee and juice and a great program on the LTspice program!

If you know someone that would make a great officer to make 2017 great for the SEKARC then speak up! If you would like to nominate someone let us know and if YOU would like to take a run at an office then go for it!

Jack and Joe have served well for the last 2 years and they gotta be exhausted from the demands placed upon them! =) Let's kick off 2017 with a great meeting and We hope to see you all there on the 28th! Another topic we can discuss is the possibility of adding Echolink to the clubs UHF repeater. Then you could access from anywhere with a cell phone connection! We have mentioned it before but let's get some input from the members and talk about it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

K7AGE - Randy Installs Powerpoles

If you have used powerpoles you understand some of the great things about them and a few of the bad things about them. K7AGE Randy has some good tips on how to attach, both with solder and crimping!

If you have not seem any of his stuff, he has a great selection of videos!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

How Does A J-Pole Work?

I stumbled across this video and I thought it was interesting. Man oh man I need to study more because a lot of this went over my head. Please watch and lets discuss at the coffee or via email string!

Also this guy has a LOT of videos on his YouTube  Channel. Not sure how I have missed him but it looks like a great link... check him out at Dave Casler KEØOG