Monday, July 20, 2020

Zoom Meeting Saturday July 25th

Time for the monthly SEKARC meeting. Again this month we will hold the meeting on ZOOM. It will start at 9am on Saturday July 25th. We have a few topics to discuss like considerations on proceeding with Covid, Planning for the Fall special event and talk about participation in the Joplin tailgate event which is replacing the hamfest.

If you have not used ZOOM it is really easy so give it a try. Everyone interested is welcome so if you are on our email group you can get the details there. If not, feel free to join our group or email one of us or the club email on QRZ. The club call is KØSEK.

Friday, July 10, 2020

W1V Special Event - Maine WS1SM

This looks like a fun event and a certificate that would be a nice addition to your shack walls! This group, the Wireless Society of Southern Maine is very active and you can also follow them on InstaGram, Twitter and Facebook! They do a LOT of Island and Lighthouse activation events.