Monday, August 27, 2018

Kansas And Ohio QSO Parties With NVIS Dipole

I ran across this on Larry's List. A great resource and I suggest you look it up and get on the list! Mostly midwest hams and good links for selling/buying and information like this post. I reached out to Bob WØAO and got his permission to post. Check this out, we need to try this at our next outing!

Special Contributer Bob Kimbrell WØAO -

After returning home from Keystone Park for the After Beryl Breakfast Activity I was disappointed that I had only worked 3 counties in the Kansas QSO party and they were all in far western Kansas.  I had been using a 40 meter vertical at the park and most of my signal was going over Kansas.  I constructed a low NVIS 40 meter dipole with a reflector wire on the ground underneath in my yard (HOA neighborhood) to try to fill in some more counties:

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Don't Like DX Map Pins ???

Class your shack up with this new approach. I ran across this on a travel site but quickly realized it would be GREAT for tracking states and countries that you have QSO's with on Amateur Radio. Check this out with the video below and the main website for ordering will be listed below the video. Check it out and let us know what you think?

Seems there are many more products available so search Scratch Map on Amazon...... here is the one referenced in the video and another one that is reasonably priced !!

Have fun !!


Friday, August 17, 2018


From the great YouTube Channel HAM RADIO CONCEPTS, check out the new FT8 mode and software. No it is not WSJT !!

FT8, as we know, has dominated the airwaves for over a year now. Imagine the ability to have keyboard to keyboard ragchew, with the same exact performance of FT8. Why wouldn't you? This is brand new, still under development, and will surely take off big time!

FT8CALL is alive!

Click Here For Latest-Release-Download-Links    (Join to download software and chat with others)

Here is his YouTube Channel.... I highly recommend you follow !!


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

SEKARC Gear Update

Hello SEKARC !! FYI I ordered one of the shirts on the clubs Cafe Press site linked below. I am pleasantly surprised, it looks really good! The white lettering pops and I was afraid it would not. I have posted below an actual photo of the shirt I received today. Heads up --- unless you pay for expedited shipping they are kind of slow on delivery. If you place an order today, you SHOULD have it by the hamfest but no guarantees. But hey if you want it quick pay a little extra !! Over all the design I ordered looks very good and the tshirt construction is pretty sold.

Like I mention often... let me know if you want a design tweaked or maybe your call sign added as I can probably do that !! The store has a section for mining special event items. I especially like the coffee mug with black inside color pictured in the right column here.

Check it out...

CLICK --> SEKARC Cafe Press Gear

Here is the shirt I received today.
I ordered this...

Mine Se 2018 T-Shirt

X-Large Tumbleweed Color

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Joplin Hamfest August 24th-25th

The Joplin Hamfest is coming soon!! This year it is 2 days August 24th and 25th. Since they have a smaller venue they went back to the 2 day event. The hamfest is Friday 12:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. We will set up Friday morning after 8 am.

We normally have a lot of gear donated by SK's and others but this year we will open it up. We have 2 tables that you can use to sell your gear for your own income OR you can bring things to donate to the club to sell and proceeds will be used in 2 ways this year. As promised, and sales from donated gear will be split between the SEKARC and PRO groups 50/50. We all use the 146.94 and 444.800 repeaters so it would be a nice gesture I thought to help them out as well. In the SEKARC way it will be voluntary so check your shack, your garage, your trunk and your basement for anything to sell at the hamfest!

We will keep a ledger of items sold and it would be helpful to add price labels to what you bring and you might include your callsign on the price tag IF you want the money to come back to you. Make sense? Happy hunting and lets clean out some gear and pass it on to be used by others.