Wednesday, September 30, 2015

JARC Tailgate Swap

Here are the details on the JARC Tailgate Swap this Saturday! Click on the image for the full site!

Friday, September 25, 2015

September Meeting Sat 9/26

The September SEKARC meeting will be held Saturday September 26th at 9 am. We will meet at the Pittsburg Fire Station #1 at 911 W 4th. There will be breakfast and coffee available so please stop by and say hello! It's been a busy summer so let's review and make some plans for the fall and winter.

There will short videos discussion about talk about one of the hottest new modes, Digital Voice for HF. New software and new mode that is catching on and gaining in popularity so let's all learn together. We will also discuss the latest new with the new Yaesu Fusion repeater installed by the PRO group on the 94 location.

We will also announce the speaker for the October meeting and that will be one meeting that you don't want to miss! Weather permitting we will also go to the park and set up some radios after the meeting so bring your gear!

Monday, September 21, 2015

New 94 Yaesu Fusion Repeater for PRO

As you may have heard, the Pittsburg Repeater Organization or "PRO" group replaced the 94 repeater with a new Yaesu System Fusion repeater. They still have some testing and possible adjustments to be made on the receive side as Tyler believes that the RX is not as good as it should be based on initial testing and monitoring It seems to be working well at this time.

One change from before is that they activated the PL Tone of 91.5 so you may have to change some of your memories to add the tone. If you are like me, about half of my radios already had it set up and some did not. Tyler mentioned that if the tone is an issue with folks then let us know and they will review the tone activation.

Tyler also sent over some photos from the install day out at the site and gave permission to post them here. It is very interesting finally get to see the site and see the equipment that we all talk on often. Thanks again to the PRO group for getting this back on the air and for the upgraded technology! I have a FT1D with the digital modes so when you hear KAØEGE I will most likely be transmitting on 1w in digital mode on my Yaesu FT1D. Tyler reported the difference in my TX quality was night and day with only 1w. Barely audible on regular FM from inside my house with rubber duck antenna but when I switched it over to Digital VW mode, clear as a bell!

The repeater is setup for auto on receive ( it will receive Yaesu digital and analog FM automatically ) but it is set for FM on TX so all listeners will hear it! Let us know if you have or hear of any issues and we can pass this on to Tyler and the PRO group!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Great Turnout For the FM Net

Great turnout for the weekly FM net on 146.94. We had a few check back in that have been unable to with the 94 down but it was good to hear you all on the air tonight! We had two from Big Brutus who are setting up for the FourState QRP group's Brutus Bash! Joe WØMQY and Terry WAØITP checked in with a great signal from the Big Brutus site!

Also checking in again after the 94 has been down was Frank NØIGZ and Steve KEØAKN. Good to hear from you again! Also some regulars Bill WBØLXZ, Leon N3LRH, and Steve WDØDTS. And to top that off I believe that we had brand new first time check in from Chanute, Mike KBØBSG!

Thanks to everyone checking in so if you didn't get checked in set a reminder for next week Wednesday at 8pm! We discussed our meeting in September with a special presentation and a possible exciting presentation that you should all be there for on October 31st. On both days we will be heading to the park after the meeting at the fire station so come on out with us!