Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Great Turnout For the FM Net

Great turnout for the weekly FM net on 146.94. We had a few check back in that have been unable to with the 94 down but it was good to hear you all on the air tonight! We had two from Big Brutus who are setting up for the FourState QRP group's Brutus Bash! Joe WØMQY and Terry WAØITP checked in with a great signal from the Big Brutus site!

Also checking in again after the 94 has been down was Frank NØIGZ and Steve KEØAKN. Good to hear from you again! Also some regulars Bill WBØLXZ, Leon N3LRH, and Steve WDØDTS. And to top that off I believe that we had brand new first time check in from Chanute, Mike KBØBSG!

Thanks to everyone checking in so if you didn't get checked in set a reminder for next week Wednesday at 8pm! We discussed our meeting in September with a special presentation and a possible exciting presentation that you should all be there for on October 31st. On both days we will be heading to the park after the meeting at the fire station so come on out with us!

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