Thursday, April 18, 2024

Friday, March 22, 2024

March Meeting SEKARC

Hello everyone, it's time again to get together. We have lot's to discuss from Band Pass Filters for Field Days to what activity should we plan for April? Fire Station#1 in Pittsburg at 911 W 4th Street March 30th and we will begin at 10am (new time) and of course we will have the breakfast casserole, coffee, donuts etc etc. 

We will email the agenda out the day before so stay tuned. I know it's Easter weekend but hopefully you can all get away for a couple of hours on this Saturday!

Here are some photos from last months meeting. Including the award presentation for Ralph NØOTS for his outstanding VE work !!

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Cool HamClock Package


This thing is all over YouTube !! Check this out.. might be a fun addition to your shack? Here are two different videos for you to watch!


Tuesday, March 12, 2024

New POTA/Field EFHW Antenna

This looks like a super easy antenna to deploy in the field. Or even a back up antenna to have on hand in case of emergency needs.

 Links from the video:

Reel-POTA-able Antenna 

Spiderbeams Mast

Hitch Mount for Mast Holder -


Sunday, February 25, 2024

Coffee QSO Change - Welcome Back To Harry's Cafe



After a few years of bring away... we are going back to Harry's Cafe for the Wednesday Coffee QSO. Farmhouse was fun.... but kind of cramped. We hope to get our numbers back with this move. A few of us stopped by after the meeting Saturday and let them know we were coming.. in numbers smaller now but we hope to get it back to the 15-20 we used to see every week!

Plus.. there is a LITTLE history there.......

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

SEKARC February Meeting With Presentation

It's that time again.... and our goal is to be much more active with meetings and events in 2024. On February 24th at 9am at Pittsburg Fire Station #1 located at 911 W 4th in Pittsburg. Winter Field Day was a complete success so let's keep it going! As normal we will have coffee. doughnuts and of course the famous breakfast casserole for all! We will be having a presentation and Zoom demo of the recently talked about. Chris NØYH and Tim N5STR will be showing us the RM Noise application with a live radio demo!

Then Winter Field Day results will be discussed and how we can make Field Days even better at the SEKARC by using/building band filters to improve the 2 station operation! There is plenty of parking in the back and please use the main entrance in the front of the rear East door. Please stay tuned to the website here, email list, facebook group and GroupMe sites for updates and additional information


Saturday, January 20, 2024

Winter Field Day 2024

Winter Field Day will be held at the Frontenac Fire Department/Public Safety Office at 199 N Crawford in Frontenac Kansas. We will distribute more information as it comes out. Please submit the RSVP Form below with your information if you can help setup Saturday morning, operate and/or take down on Sunday early afternoon.

Kilowatt Amateur Club will also be working with us and we GREATLY appreciate their help and cooperation! Teamwork!!

Also there is a spot on the form if you are interested in operating over night... we'd like to if we can get enough operators to do so but we can discuss.