Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quick News and Reminders !!

Quick news... I spoke with Steve N5SD today and let me know that the 444.8 repeater is up and running! PL tone of 91.5, and it is 500 ft up on the cable tower South of Pittsburg! This is great news and should expand the areas reach by a great deal! Give it a try! He said it still needs some adjusting and some other work but he said spread the news and give it a call! Thanks to Steve and those that completed this work, what a great surprise!

Reminder... Today is the beginning of the 13 Colonies Special Event Station. I was able to work them all last year and get my Clean Sweep stamp! They have added an additional bonus station for 2014. Check out the details and the great looking certificate when you get all 13! Click the image below for more details!!

*** Field Day Logs are being compiled and I should have that completed tomorrow! Watch here for updates !!

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  1. Geez, can I use any MORE exclamation points in that piece !!!!!!! ?? Guess so, ha ha.


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