Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Missing on the Roster ?

Hello, are you missing on the club roster? Please check the OFFICERS and MEMBERS tab and see if you are listed and if you are not but want to be, then send us an email @ and I will get you added! I have tried to keep it up to date from the website form submissions but I want to make sure.

Also... if you have any ideas or thoughts that you would like to contribute to the website please let me know! I would love to get more regular authors so our website can be as informative and as interesting as possible. I bet you all are getting tired of hearing from me? You can write it up in a separate doc or I can get you signed up to draft it right here on the Blogger posting site.

Remember... our next monthly meeting will be Sat July 26th at Hardee's in Pittsburg at 9 am and after the meeting we will head to the park to set up our gear and get on the air! We probably will not have a shelter but just find an open spot. If any of you have ideas for a different location for setup then let us know!

From the KOAM/Fox14 Visit !

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