Friday, February 1, 2019

SEKARC Exam Day Friday

We are starting a regular new feature here on SEKARC every Friday. This could help everyone refresh their memory and to keep learning new things. We will post 2 questions each week from the GENERAL Class Exam and the answers will be posted with next Friday's posted questions.

Let's have fun and keep learning and even discuss these questions at the Coffee QSO. I am tracking the posted questions so there SHOULD not be any dups. Have fun!

G1A05 (A) [97.301(d)] Which of the following frequencies is in the General class portion of the 40-meter band in ITU Region 2?
A. 7.250 MHz
B. 7.500 MHz
C. 40.200 MHz
D. 40.500 MHz

G3B03 (A) Which of the following applies when selecting a frequency for lowest attenuation when transmitting on HF?
A. Select a frequency just below the MUF
B. Select a frequency just above the LUF
C. Select a frequency just below the critical frequency
D. Select a frequency just above the critical frequency

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