Thursday, February 7, 2019

First Four States Fusion Net - Awesome !!

The first run of the Four States Fusion Net was a complete success and just in time before the winter thunderstorm heated up. We had 10 total stations on the net, 2 states represented. There were 6 different Fusion models used to talk on the FSFN this time.

Most radios had their GPS turned on and we got good information from that and the mileage matched on both sides that were reported. The longest was WØHL Dennis who was 36.6 miles away in Nevada and he had a nice clean signal. The Closest to me was .6 miles N3LRH Leon and Matt KØVLL was mobile and started 1.8 miles and he reported when he stopped he was .4 miles from me. We did have KBØDXS from Racine MO but I don't think I received his GPS info.

I will track this information when possible and report it here. Let's keep it rolling and be sure and to invite those operators you know using Fusion to join us. It will be awesome when we get our first actual all FOUR STATE check ins!

Here is a rundown of the checkins, radios and distance

KØVLL Matt FTM-100 1.8 to .4 miles
KEØCZR Milton FTM-100 25 miles SSE
KØSMK Willis FTM-100 19.8 miles S
N3LRH Leon FTM-100 .6 miles N
NØSLT Steve FT70d
WØHL Dennis FTM-400 36.6 miles NNE
KBØPQP Tyler FT-991
KBØDXS Brain FT-3200

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