Thursday, May 16, 2019

Great Nets This Week !!!

We had 2 great nets this week... the FM net on Wed at 8pm had I think 15 stations checking in. It was nice to hear from Joe WØMQY as we have not heard him for a while on the FM net. Glad he is feeling better also!

The Four States Fusion net was great fun. We had 10 stations gathered up. We had Frontenac, Carl Junction, Pittsburg, Riverton and Joplin represented locally and distant check ins were from Manhattan KS. Also getting in late were Bartlesville OK and how about this..... AUSTRALIA !! VK4MSS Mal checked in and wow was he entertaining. The accent was great and we was funny too. Something about being up to his britches in alligators? He said we was going to try and be a regular so stay tuned and stop by for a Fusion DX chat!

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