Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ham CubeSats Deployed

New satellites are being deployed this month. It sounds like a LOT of them! This article was posted on this Southgate ARC site. Be sure and visit the site for the complete details!

Ham radio CubeSats to deploy Thursday

Several amateur radio CubeSats were deployed from the International Space Station on Thursday, February 6.

On Thursday, January 9 at 1807 UT an Antares rocket launched the Cygnus freighter carrying a cargo of CubeSats to the International Space Station. Since then the CubeSats have been stored on the ISS awaiting deployment by the Japanese Kibo Robot Arm.

The first of these CubeSats LituanicaSat-1, LitSat-1, ArduSat-2, UAPSat-1 and the 915 MHz SkyCube should be deployed on Thursday, February 6, 2014.

They will be followed later in the month by twenty eight commercial 3U CubeSats from Planet Labs.

LituanicaSat-1 carries a 145/435 MHz FM transponder while LitSat-1 is thought to carry a 435/145  MHz linear transponder for SSB/CW communications.

The IARU coordinated frequencies are listed as:

• FM Transponder Uplink 145.950 MHz Downlink 435.180 MHz
• AX25 Uplink 145.850 MHz AX25 Downlink 437.550 MHz
• CW Beacon 437.275 MHz

• SSB Transponder Uplink 435.180 MHz Downlink 145.950 MHz
• AX25 Uplink 437.550 MHz Downlink 145.850 MHz

•  9k6 MSK CCSDS data format downlink 437.? MHz

• AX.25 Packet Radio uplink 145.980 MHz downlink 437.385 MHz

Details of other amateur radio satellites due to launch this month are at


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