Monday, February 3, 2014

Google Glass and Ham Radio

Technology... how much is TOO much ? For me personally this is too much, well unless I had unlimited financial resources. It would be easy to get in a habit of just TXing psk31 but I try to not stick with that too much because even that requires a basic computer to decode. Our computers are great as long as there is electricity and a working computer. But if you lose power in an emergency or your surroundings, this type of communication tech might leave you a little short.

A lot of us have set up remotely and lugged our pc's to the field for psk and logging. I will probably do that many times this year. Technology like shown below bring the remote technology to an entirely new level. It is fascinating, so if you have the will and the way... give this a try ! Or just check out this video!


  1. Looks like you have way to much money to spend lol. No That's fantastic and how soon are we going to drive our car and even an airplane with just our voice commands or just think it maybe. Looking forward to new things to come. LOL I can remember when those 7 transistor radios with their 9 volt battery came out wow mono AM radio that was hot and so cool lol. we have come a long way since then..


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