Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Trip To The Museum

SEKARC held its July meeting with a breakfast and coffee at Hardee's then rolled over to the Crawford County Historical Museum to set up some field radios! We had 4 stations setup and on the air!  It was the nicest day in July for sure... about 80 degrees and a nice breeze in the shade! It was also nice to get to meet one of the new hams in the area Dusty KEØNWV.

John ADØKA tested a couple of new antennas he had recently built and they worked great! He even made a 6m contact in Las Vegas! ( CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW)

Joe WØMQY was testing his newly built portable case assembly and it worked well.

Matt KØVLL had his rig set up too... looked great Matt!

And Jack WDØCFH who always has great looking QRP homebrew rigs made a few contacts also!

It was a great day and some folks got to get out and on the air n July which does not happen too often in Kansas. We ended the day with lunch at Wendy's. Thanks to all that setup and those that just visited.


  1. I was sad to miss this, will you be doing it again next month?

    1. most likely... depending on weather !! Catch you next time !!


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