We have had horrible cooperation from the weather for the first 3 events and our on the air time has been limited so the club decided to change the qualification for the certificate. Now you only need to QSL 5 of 7 of the Special Events to get the clean scoop certificate !!

Good Luck and 73 from SEKARC

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

ARRL podcast - Solar Minimum

ARRL The Doctor is In ! From the ARRL..... "We're on the downhill slide to the solar minimum, but that doesn't mean the end of Amateur Radio enjoyment. Even at the very bottom of the cycle there is still plenty to do, and plenty of ways to do it!"

It always amazes me with all of the talk on the solar minimum... I guess for Field Day 2017 I guess someone turned that switch off because the bands sure were full of radio signals.... ALL NIGHT and DAY !!

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