We have had horrible cooperation from the weather for the first 3 events and our on the air time has been limited so the club decided to change the qualification for the certificate. Now you only need to QSL 5 of 7 of the Special Events to get the clean scoop certificate !!

Good Luck and 73 from SEKARC

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Coffee QSO and QSL's

It was a good turnout for the Coffee QSO today and some of us brought a few of our favorite QSL cards to share. Joe WØMQY even brought in his original logbook from 1955. Very interesting to see and hear some of the stories. QSL's are a part of Amateur Radio that has faded some with the new digital options but nothing like getting a card in the mail!

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  1. Great food and great people with awesome styling and interior. Also great venues in NYC for cheap happy hour drinks. However, the downstairs beer selection is about as standard as it can be while upstairs can be a bit more creative.


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