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  1. Hello I'd like to know if this group has mentoring or "help" for me to "get started" in obtaining my ham ticket?... Thanks
    Ken -

    Ken - Liberal, Mo.

    1. Hello Ken,
      My name is Joe and the call is W0MQY. I am currently president of the SEKARC group and we have several members who would be more than willing to give you a hand. We are having our first outing in Lincoln Park this Saturday, March 28th and you are welcome to join us. Perhaps we could visit during this event if you make your way over here. If not, we could certainly correspond by email or via the club message board. In the event we will have weather unfavorable to portable operations, we will meet at Hardee's on South Broadway in Pittsburg.. You may contact me at Hope to hear from you soon to see if I or any of our members can help..
      72 Joe W0MQY Pittsburg, Kansas

  2. My husband recently passed away and he had an amateur radio which I know nothing about and would like to sell. Would anyone be interested in coming by my house and looking at it and evaluating it and possibly purchasing it? I live in Arma, KS.

    1. send us your contact info like email and address in the "Contact SEKARC form on the left side of this webpage.... we will contact you !!


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