Thursday, September 6, 2018

Kansas Mining Event #6 - Galena Museum

One of the friendliest and accommodating locations we set up for the 2018 Mining Series was the Galena Mining and Historical Museum. Here is a link to their website CLICK HERE. Ahead of the event we contacted Linda at the Museum and she was vert gracious in the permission and appreciative of us coming there and spreading the word about their location to amateur radio operators around the country.

She met us there for the one day of the on site event and helped us with locating the power outlets, and later brought us copies of their tourism information cards, a great little book titled Pioneer Days of Galena that told the story of Galena's rich history. And then gave us private tours of their museum and talked about the various displays from glowing minerals in the rocks to a small but heavy chunk of Iron Ore. Linda offered us some cold bottled water and a chance to get in to the air conditioning for a bit. What a great museum and if you have not stopped and toured it, you should.

On the radio side it was also a good day. We were limited to one day on site due to storms and heavy rain forecast for that Sunday but we made about 60 radio contacts from all over the country. A lot of the contacts mentioned that they had no idea that there was so much mining history in Kansas. That is one thing this event has taught us. The mining history is very important to the growth in the early days of this state.

We had help with an antenna mast system donated and set up by Steve KEƘAKN of Galena and we even had a coupls of hams stop by from Galena and one nice man was asking about how to go about getting a license so it was a good day for the museum and amateur radio. Thanks again to Linda and the Galena Mining and Historical Museum.

Also thanks to the club members and friends that help with setup. It was a warm day and we had some challenges but SEKARC got it done!

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  1. Fantastic event and documentation. You do a great job Jeff in advancing the club and seeing that things get done. You have made the club what it is today. Many, many thanks.


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