Friday, April 6, 2018

Ozarkcon Day 1 Recap

Adam KE0MXG - Branson Mo - As day one of Ozarkcon winds down for the night, I reflect on a great evening listening to the speaker speak on a topic that I find to be interesting. That is, the expedition to find Amelia Earhart. The team at Nauticos who the speaker is a member of, has been searching through records and also with deep water sonar to try to ascertain where the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane may have ended up. What's the connection to amateur radio, you ask? Well, radio amateurs in the Japanese Islands had heard Earhart's last transmissions on 80 Meters. At least one radio amateur said that as she transmitted her last transmissions, she was so loud that It would be unlikely that she would've been too far from the Japanese Islands.

The process which included calculations for fuel and a decision tree among other things have provided some evidence as to what could have happened on the day that Earhart disappeared. Speaking of which, the news that came through the web regarding the finding of Earhart's bones is about as plausible as a "study on smoking funded by the tobacco companies[sic]" being true.

Their work has eliminated a portion of the ocean that is about the size of Connecticut. They searched the area with autonomous submersibles, running on a painfully slow 2 knots. If you think about it, they searched an area, about 2200 square miles, at 2 knots. The speaker said, "that would be like walking across the state of Connecticut.[sic]."

The dinner was various meats, honey rolls, and various other options. The chicken was great. I happened to eat the honey rolls like I was addicted to it. I missed the dummy load QSO party; but, there is way more to enjoy in the coming day.

This is Adam KE0MXG going QRT for the night.

73 and Good Luck.

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  1. Good job, Adam. I am not familiar with the dummy load QSO Party, but I am now wondering how you would know if you missed it.
    -bill WBØLXZ.


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