Saturday, March 31, 2018


Storm season is upon us. As amateur radio operators we are charged with operating in emergency situations such as storms, disasters, fires etc etc. To make sure we are ready SEKARC would like make sure we are all ready for such times.

For the Wednesday night 8pm net, SEKARC would like you operate your radio using emergency power and emergency antenna if possible. If you use a mobile rig in your shack or an ht, power it using battery only and if you are doing so please describe your setup when the net controller comes to you for comments. It will be good practice for you and interesting to hear the various setups from those checking in.

In 2018 we are going to try different things for the net. Different theme, maybe in the beginning ask an interesting question for all to answer. So stay tuned and remember if anyone wants to take a turn running the net please let us know.

SEKARC - Keeping Amateur Radio FREE AND FUN !!

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  1. Watching the video, hard to decide whether to laugh or cry . . . . WD5FMQ

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