Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It's FOX HUNTING Season !!

Get your horses ready and best red coat... SEKARC is having a FoxHunt this Saturday October 30th. The plan is to meet at Hardee's for breakfast and coffee. Visit, eat, drink and have a good conversation over a biscuit and coffee!

Then we will discuss the plans for the hunt. Much of this will be open for discussion so plan on being a part of it! At 9am let's gather at Hardee's, then around 10, after the plans are laid down, a couple of us will go to Lincoln Park and plant the foxes! Then about 10:30. the rest will leave and head to the park. Meeting in one place like maybe the parking lot in front of the band dome? I am not sure if there are other events in the park so we will be flexible on that. For last minute details and instructions monitor the .94 repeater for traffic regarding the hunt.

We will be having a VHF and UHF beacon (fox) supplied by John ADØKA and Bill WBØLXZ. The VHF beacon will be on 146.565 and will tx FM for one minute then silent one minute. The UHF beacon will be on the 70cm band. I will send out that frequency as soon as it is available.

Below is info on building a 2m and 70cm antenna from cheap basic supplies. Have fun and happy hunting!



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