Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Busy Wednesday the 24th

SEKARC is having a bust Wednesday... first our weekly Coffee QSO at Root Coffeehouse. 8th and Broadway in Pittsburg. A couple of hours of coffee, cakes and conversation! Then around 11 it will be off to lunch.... not sure where but smart money is on Freddies !!

Then by 1 pm those that would like to will head out to the Crawford County tower location just South of the Museum location. It is across the field from where we have setup n the past. The Crawford County Emergency Manager will be there with the 100ft portable tower system for a demo!

After the demo, those that are interested and weather permitting can head over and setup some portable radio gear and get on the air!! Kind of a practice run for Field Day. It should be a fun and interesting day so join us if and when you can!!

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