Monday, March 30, 2015

S.E.K.A.R.C to the Park


Our first outing of the year turned out to be a cool one.  Operators present were, Jim Paddock, ADØOD of Baxter Springs, John Humble, ADØKA of Joplin, MO, Tom Sevart, N2UHC and harmonic Skyler, St. Paul , Bill Bradrick, WBØLXZ of Pittsburg, Leon Heer, N3LRH of Pittsburg.  Cecil Weinstein, NØEHP, of Lamar later joined us for breakfast.  Tom and John had contacts on cw and ssb.  Yours truly made several attempts on 30 meters but to no avail.  The bands were is reasonably good shape considering all the solar activity of late.

The temperature was hovering around 42 degrees with a slight breeze making it a bit uncomfortable for old duffers like me.  Testing of packs and antenna's was the order of the day.  John and Tom seem to have mastered the "One Bag Station"  I have mine down to a backpack for the bicycle but still needs some refinement.  It doesn't take long in the field to decide you are carrying things you don't need.  Weight seems to be the major factor and it is surprising how much two 7 amp gel cell batteries weigh at the end of a 10 mile bike ride.  All in all, it was a great morning, great fellowship, followed by a warm breakfast and hot coffee..  If you didn't make it this time, join us for the next one.
72/73  Joe   WØMQY

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