We have had horrible cooperation from the weather for the first 3 events and our on the air time has been limited so the club decided to change the qualification for the certificate. Now you only need to QSL 5 of 7 of the Special Events to get the clean scoop certificate !!

Good Luck and 73 from SEKARC

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Great New Ham Podcast !!

Great new podcast for Amateur Radio !!

Fo Time is a new podcast, aimed at the ‘younger’ Ham Operator and those interested in learning more about the hobby. Cale/K4CDN  is the podcasts host.

I posted episode 21 below, and you can hear more on iTunes or the website Fo Time. Check it out and give it a listen!

Great new podcast for Hams !!

A note from the host.... "After leaving a near decade stint in Non-Commercial FM I wanted to fill the void of missing being behind the microphone.  Podcasting seemed to be the logical answer.  As a life long “radio nerd”  I did some homework and launched Fo Time.  I hope you enjoy the program and welcome your feedback!"

Contasct and feedback email cale at

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