Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AM Radio History

Interesting find here... cannot locate the original source to reference but still a neat video!

The technology of amplitude modulation (AM) radio transmission was developed during the two decades from 1900 to 1920. Before this, the first radios transmitted information by wireless telegraphy, in which the radio signal didn't carry audio (sound) but was switched on and off to create pulses that carried text messages in Morse code. This was used for private person-to-person traffic, similar to telegrams.

The first AM radio transmission took place in 1906 from a garage in Brant Rock, Massachusetts. After six years of hard work, Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian inventor transmitted the world's first voice message by using an Alexanderson alternator and a rotary spark-gap transmitter. His message was heard by radio-equipped ships within a range of several hundred miles away from the transmission point.


  1. We've come a long wat baby !!! From an acorn a mighty oak will grow.
    Jack. WD0CFH

  2. Wow I'd never heard of him till now but fantastic. My grand parents had lived from that and the automobile to see the first man on the moon. I've gone from the nam on the moon to who knows what,,maybe man on Mars??? I have seen from transistors to the fantastic stuff we have now and who knows what's next, Organic chips and circuits maybe?? The stuff of science fiction to todays products and to tomorrows new things. I've always wondered about a lightsaber a laser with a continuous loop on two mirrors maybe??? You would only need a pulse laser to make it work HUMMM low consumtion that way :)


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