Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Portable Copper J-Pole ? Nick Says "Yep!"

Screenshot from YouTube

Nick KEØATH, son of Burke Jones NØHYD in Wichita wanted to make a portable copper j-pole that is portable. Now portable and copper j-pole are not often used together but this is a great idea and video that shows us how to make one! Keep them coming Nick and Burke!

From the Burke Jones NØHYD YouTube Channel...

My son Nick (KE0ATH) wanted to build a 2 meter copper j-pole that was portable. So after some searching he combined a couple different plans and came up with the antenna.

The cool thing about this copper j-pole antenna is that it folds up. The entire thing is held together with a bungee cord that is internal to the antenna.

It is perfect for camping or EMComm operations (emergency communications).

When you watch this check out his smile about the 4:00 minute mark when he makes his first contact with the antenna!

Hope you enjoyed this video on his Portable J-pole antenna for 2 meters.

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