Sunday, August 31, 2014

JARC Joplin Hamfest

Once again the  Joplin Amateur Radio Club put on a great Hamfest! The SEKARC table was a success and next year I think we will need to get TWO tables! The club made some money from the sale of some donated gear and many menbers that brought items to sell, did so! This years fest was even better than last years. Several of us got to meet Bob Heil as he stopped by our table and with our table being right next to Big Larry NØMST there was always entertainment going on!

Here are some photos that I took, and the video below was sent out from the JARC. Look them over and make sure you get to next years hamfest and be sure to check the HAMFEST tab on the left to see all of the area events coming up! Loren and I did buy some old tubes and we are planning a couple of projects with them so be watching for that soon!

The club did sign up 7 new members so welcome to KD5QQZ, KEØAKO, KDØTEL and his wife Kristin, KBØNRG, N5JDK, and WBØVEG. If anyone else has some hamfest comments please add them below... we would like to hear your stories!

Club Officers Present !


Associated Radio KC



No Winners... none of us  !


  1. I had a really great time and plan to be at the 2015 get together. May be I'll win the big one next year!!
    Jack. WD0CFH

  2. Dang, and I gave you my tickets when I left... looks like they were about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. I never seem to have very good luck winning things at the Joplin hamfest

  3. I was a non-winner also but loved my first hamfest. I saw lots of stuff I'd love to have but they wouldn't take my rubber checks lol. I will be at as may I can get to. One in October in Joplin Will be the Nixa is a far one but might go. I'll sure be there next year and will buy more tickets. Even a blind dog finds a bone once in a while.


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