Monday, June 2, 2014

Meeting Recap

SEKARC had a very succesful meeting Saturday. One of the best in attendance and news! We had 12 hams and one interested for a total of 13. There were 2 first time attendees, one came when Justin brought Michael KDØDET and the other was a VIP of sorts in the name of Phil Rankin KØPR.

Phil made the most news by offering to join forces with the currently mostly inactive PRO group, and offered the funds in their treasury for a potential new repeater for the area. Possibly a 440 repeater on the 500ft tower south of town. He has previously mentioned that he had internet access at that tower and that would allow us the options of linking to other repeaters and to add an Echolink access to the area! There will be much discussion going forward and we would appreciate your input in the possibilities that this offers the club. In the weeks to come, we will be getting together and developing a plan for moving forward. This is a HUGE step for amateur radio in the Southeast Kansas area. Thanks to Phil and the PRO group!

We had some giveaways provided by All Spectrum Electronics when they sent us some sample reference cards. Be sure and visit their website (link above) as they seem to have a wide variety of electronic supplies and equipment. I have a few left and will have them on Field Day if you would like one! Below is a sample.

Field Day was discussed and it looks like we will be having at least 4 overnight campers and hopefully lots of operators stopping by and making some QSO's with the KØSEK call sign! Please feel free to bring your own mobile rig setup if you would like or we will have radios setup for use also. Remember it is June 28th and 29th so mark your calendar! This will also double as our June meeting so it should be a great weekend.

One note... if our group contnues to grow like it has, we may need to look at a larger more robust meeting location. Everyone please keep an eye open for a possible location to hold our monthly meetings! It could be city buildings, churches, hotels or any place with a meeting room. ( A coffee pot would be kind a requirement or I guess we could bring our own? )

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for the club you all have helped build! Let's keep it rolling into bigger and better things!!

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