Friday, June 20, 2014

Field Day Trial Run

Testing two things today. My field day portable set up and posting a piece from my Android phone.

On the radio side... set up is good! Figured out a way to improve my SWR on my fishing pole vertical by straightening out the ground radials instead of letting them just lay on the ground! The copper j - pole is in a tree hanging up about 20 feet and getting me to 4 area repeaters.

Made 2 contacts on my porch... one using 50 watts ssb... W1AW/portable in Montana! The other using 20 watts PSK31 to Tennessee K4CMC! I was also able to check in to the national SATERN net on 14.265!

I think our station is ready to deploy on Field Day! The jury is still out on this mobile posting though... stay tuned!

PS: Other than some format issues the mobile post worked pretty good.....

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