Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SEKARC Monthly Digital Net

Who: Everyone That Can
What: SEKARC Digital PSK31 HF Net
When: 1st Wed Each Month - After VHF Net  ( about 8:30 pm )
Where: 80 Meters - 3.580 USB
Why: Because We Can

New for 2014, the Southeast Kansas Amateur Radio Club is announcing a new digital net/rag chew on 80 meters. It will be held on the first Wednesday of each month after the regular VHF weekly net. Most likely will begin between no later than 8:30. Anyone that can TX on 80 meters is welcome. Our first digital net will be held Feb 5, 2014.

For now we will be using 80 meters USB on 3.580 and somewhere in the middle depending on the possibility of other signals. If you do not  have 80 meter equipment, don't worry! We will be looking to explore other bands and other modes in the digital communications. If you have a suggestion or question, please comment on this post below or send us an email at

There are so many digital modes to learn and try, I think it will be a great way for operators to learn, practice and become efficient with the digital transmissions. Before then, we may hold some practice sessions for those needing to test or practice with their equipment. We will discuss that during each VHF net as we go through January.

Here are some links with more information about operating tips, frequencies and software for the digital modes.

PSK Frequencies
10 Tips for PSK Digital Mode from ARRL

SOFTWARE - ( click on photos to see full size )

Ham Radio Deluxe


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