Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Satellite AO-27 Might Be Back Soon

I found this link in a Larry's List email and I thought this information and link might be good to pass along to our members. This website provides updates on all activity under way to get the bird back to operational status!

Bookmark this link and check it often for updates ------->   AO-27 Website

Here is a sampling of the updates....

Nov 11th, 2013
Turned on High Power for the pass to try a software upload.
Uploaded code using the secondary bootloader. Went slow but made it. The interference is still a problem on the uplink.
STATUS: on Secondary bootloader, Software upload test complete.
- James, N3UCC

Nov 10th, 2013
Another good pair of passes gave a clean upload of the secondary bootloader.
Commanded back to the Primary. Modem came up with up without IDLE tones. Had to clear the modem lockup again.
Uploaded secondary. Changed to the secondary cleanly.
We still have heavy interference on the uplink.
- James, N3UCC 

Oct 29th, 2013
Recovery operations are underway again for AO-27. We will try to keep the website up to date with any infomation.
- Michael, N3UC 

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