Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday Meeting - November 30th

Be sure to attend the Holiday meeting of the Southeast Kansas Radio Club. The meeting will be at 9am, November 30th at Hardee's of Pittsburg. This will be our last meeting in 2013 as I am sure that between Christmas and New Years all of us will have family and friends to see!

I am gathering an assortment of door prizes from local and not so local merchants so we might be able to all walk away a winner of something! Stay tuned for future announcements on the prizes! In 2014 I will try to make this a regular feature of the monthly meeting. If any of you have any thoughts or ideas on that let me know!

At the meeting maybe we can put some goals for the club and put some possible activities on the calendar for 2014.  In spring we should do a park on the air event, maybe a build meeting so we can get ready for a foxhunt. Field Day 2014 is something we should put on the calendar also. Do we want to do the Big Brutus location again? Or maybe look into something closer to town.

We have lined up some great door prizes for this meeting thanks to Associate Radio and others. Nothing like a new radio, but hey they were free !!!! Our kind of prizes right ? Mark your calendar, update your iPhone, download your Droid, add to your PDA.... November 30th Saturday 9am. at Hardee's.

See you there and GOOD LUCK TO ALL !!

73's until then... a hint ?

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