Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great Meeting

We had a great meeting Saturday! Eight local hams attended and a wide variety of topics were discussed. From flying broken airplanes, hamcan issues, Baofeng $38 specials, to listening to the Gorillas game on an unexpected HF band.  If anyone wants to add anything about the meeting, please do so! Just click the comments button below. It would be fun to see Bill's explanation of the HF Gorilla game!

The Baofeng UV-5RE Plus that I recently purchased was a good topic. The $38 price is convenient. It works well, especially if you can get the software to use for programming ( I recommend Chirp and not the Baofeng software ). The scan is a little slow but I just skipped more channels and changed a setting and it works great. I might do a little review for our readers for those unfamiliar with these radios. The funniest item was discussing the translations in the manual and on the equipment. Justin had a picture of instructions on a similar Chinese radio that is very funny. He sent the photo to me so we could share it with everyone. Thanks Justin !

Thanks for all that attended. These meetings are becoming more enjoyable and more informative as we all get to know each other better. With the collection of experienced hams that attend, their stories are the best. If you have been thinking about it, please make a point to come to the next one on November 30th.

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