Thursday, March 28, 2013

SEKARC First Meeting, Saturday 9 am

Almost time !! I hope all of you are planning to at least pop in for a quick visit Saturday morning. Breakfast and coffee smells, and radio talk will be in the air that morning.  We will be introducing everyone and discussing our plans for future meetings  and activities. From Field Day to Saturday afternoon park QRP's and possibly even special event stations for local events like Little Balkins Days and PSU Homecoming. We could have guest speakers and visitors and I am looking at getting the SATERN truck to come down and introduce some of you to what SATERN does for those that are not familiar with what they do. The topics for meetings and activities are endless so let's make some plans and hopefully introduce some new faces and potential hams. We are hoping to get an announcement published in the Morning Sun on Saturday as well.

We have door prizes for a couple of lucky winners so maybe it will be you?  If you know of anyone that is interested in becoming an amateur radio operator, please invite them or even bring them along. Friends from Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma are also welcome to join us. We will be there roughly from 9 am to around 11, so wonder by anytime.

We will continue this meeting format until the group gets too large or our activities become too involved for the Hardee's location but that will be a good problem to have. Joe WØMQY from the Builders Group will be there to explain that group and hopefully bring some examples for us. If there is anything you want to bring along to show the group or maybe need some help with you are welcome to do so. In fact I have a few questions for veteran hams on the relationship between 2m and 440.

Anyway, please make it a point to stop by and say hello at least. Then mark your calendar now for the April meeting of the SEKARC on April 27th. Please bring your portable stations as we will be all going to the park afterwards to set up and make some contacts in the "field". And of course, no need to bring your gear as you are all welcome to tag along and learn right along with me!

See you Saturday !!

 73's and BTU, this is Kilo Delta Zero Sierra Echo Golf.


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