Saturday, March 9, 2013

Green Country Hamfest

This is KDØSEG, Jeff here. Today my wife Loren KDØRTX and I, made the journey to the Green Country Hamfest in Claremore, OK. The trip was very good, not too long of a drive and I got to pick out my birthday present, a Yaesu MD-100 desk mic that I have had my eye on for a while. On the trip down, I even was able to check in to the daily SATERN net on 14.265 at 9am. For more information on SATERN and if you'd like to join, visit there site HERE. The net control was impressed with my signal since I was mobile. Gotta love my FT-857D / ATAS antenna package.

It was easy to find thanks to Garmin ! Nice sized building and at 9am they had a good crowd as you would expect. Pretty much elbow to elbow through all of the rows. Some nice vendors and a lot of flea market type tables so pretty much like the normal hamfest. My favorite vendor Associated Radio was hopping with Dan behind the tables doing a great job. We purchased my mic, an antenna switcher and some power poles for my Camper Shack project this spring.

We left for lunch and sat at Sonic and listened to the hamfests Special Event Station make a few contacts on 20 meters. We went back until about 2 pm to make sure we didn't miss our prizes, but we were safe and won nothing. I don't think we won any of the grand prizes ( and they had some nice prizes ). The drive back was nice and our dog Nellie sure was happy to see us. I put the radio back into the shack, fired it up with the new mic and made a couple of HF contacts one was AD5WB ITOA #43 North America ( Galveston Island ). Then I switched over to PSK and contacted CT4RC in Portugal for my 15th DX country!!

So overall it was a good day, good travels, great company and good times. I highly recommend this hamfest for all of us next year. Maybe even plan some carpool/caravans! I hope you all had a fine Saturday in Southeast Kansas.

73's and BTU.... this is Kilo Delta Zero Sierra Echo Golf.

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