Thursday, June 6, 2024

D-Day June 6 And Radio Comms

Ran across this great article that details the radio communications used on D-Day. Let us all remember and thank those who sacrificed and risked their lives on that day. Below is an excerpt from the article and a photo.

How The ARMY handled D-Day communications


"SigC (U.S. Army Signal Corps) had estimated it would need some 90,000 transmitters for the job. This mandated frequency coordination. The radios were largely short-range “hand-helds” but also included short- and medium-distance radio links to naval and air elements and Allied headquarters.

Signal-gear manufacturers were asked to provide rollout proposals for the project and it quickly became apparent that the total number of required radio channels was far larger than the spectrum available (2.5 to 8 mc). SigC’s last-minute solution was to narrow the guard bands between channels to as little as 4 kc. Fortunately, tactical radios had been designed for crystal-controlled FM operation so this predicted project snafu was resolved by last-minute crystal-regrinding on a massive scale."

For those not very familiar with the D-Day story... here is a good reference link

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