Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Winter Field Day Plans 2019

Winter Field Day is coming right up January 26th and 27th!! It has been decided we will not be operating at the shelter as the weather forecast does not look good. Even with the fireplace at the shelter, the low temps are predicted to be 20 and some models suggest even lower. The location we will be using is the outbuilding at Tyler's new home on East 14th Street in Pittsburg. We will have heat, shelter, power and a warm bathroom.

At the bottom of this post there is a map you can click on to get directions on google maps. For talk ins and comms we will be using the areas 146.94 VHF with PL of 91.5 or Fusion, and the clubs UHF repeater at 442.675 offset +5 and a PL of 91.5 or just easily use Fusion mode! And speaking of Fusion and also DMR we need to make some simplex contacts using those modes which count as Voice/Phone.

We are going to be operating Indoor with one transmitter operating at once. So our Category/Class will be an I1 (India-One) station using club callsign of KØSEK. Our part of the contact exchange will be I1 - KS (India One Kilo Sierra). We will primarily be operating SSB with breaks to operate PSK31. By the way, FT8 is NOT an acceptable mode for this event. Here is a link to the WFD RULES.

Here is the link to the location, you should be able to click on it and get easy directions, especially on a smartphone!

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