Thursday, December 13, 2018

Great Time at SEKARC Party !!

We all had a great time at the SEKARC Christmas party Wednesday night! Good friends, good family and good chicken and yes I did see some beef on a few plates!! I think I might have too try a burger next time, that looked good !! Vivian was the star again and I do believe Tyler won the most creative gift award again! Tell us about that pig Adam?

Thanks again to you all for making this the greatest amateur radio club in the midwest!! Oh and be sure and check out a few pictures...... nice job Dilly Dilly !!

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  1. That pig was quite something. I regifted it to someone that had more of an appreciation for it than I did. I am stuck with a 3 cassette set of the best of Liberace. All I know is KB0PQP will endure a comeback from me in the most fun way possible. -Adam KE0MXG


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