We have had horrible cooperation from the weather for the first 3 events and our on the air time has been limited so the club decided to change the qualification for the certificate. Now you only need to QSL 5 of 7 of the Special Events to get the clean scoop certificate !!

Good Luck and 73 from SEKARC

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

SEKARC Winter Field Day Results

Great job by everyone involved. SEKARC hit it out of the park again! Here are some numbers and some photos from the event. A big THANK YOU to all. A special thanks goes out to John ADØKA for the use of his propane generator, that thing was a CHAMP !!

It was a great test run for the GoBox. We found some things we need to adjust to the setup like a headphone jack option, we need an SD card for the ft-891 to record CQ calls, and the tuner needs to be tested further. There were a few other things so if you operated it this weekend and have some ideas please let us know.

Here are the stats for K0SEK Winter Field Day 2018

 K0SEK's Contest Summary Report for WFD
 Created by N3FJP's Winter Field Day Contest Log
 Version 2.1

 Total Contacts = 409
 Total Points = 2,405

 Operating Period: 2018/01/27 19:08 - 2018/01/28 18:55

 Total op time (breaks > 30 min deducted): 9:51:41
 Total op time (breaks > 60 min deducted): 11:56:33

 Avg Qs/Hr (breaks > 30 min deducted): 41.5

 Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

 Band        CW   Phone   Dig   Total     %
 ----          --       -----        ---     -----     ---
   80           0      199         0       199      49
   40           0      108         21     129      32
   20           0      30           51     81        20
            --   -----     ---   -----     ---
 Total         0      337         72     409     100

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