Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 2017 Updates

Here are a few updates and some information !

#1  I noticed that some of the new join requests had not been updated or I had the wrong email address so I THINK they are all caught up now. We welcome a couple of new members so check out the member list on the website and check to make sure if you want to be listed on the roster that you are but if you would like to be removed let us know!!

#2  Wednesday is coffee/net day.... at 9am every Wednesday we meet at Root Coffeehouse for coffee and chat. Then at 8pm is the FM net on the .94 repeater and at 8:30 is the Slow Speed CW or PSK on 40 meters ( check the website for modes/details )

#3  On April 29th we will be having the Crawford County Emergency Manager Jason Vanbecelaere bringing the "emergency tower on a trailer" rig for us to check out and hopefully deploy if the weather permits!! 9am breakfast at Hardees then 10am to the Crawford County Museum on the bypass... bring your portable rigs and get on the air!!

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