We have had horrible cooperation from the weather for the first 3 events and our on the air time has been limited so the club decided to change the qualification for the certificate. Now you only need to QSL 5 of 7 of the Special Events to get the clean scoop certificate !!
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Monday, February 13, 2017

SDR Play - The Simplified SDR Option

SDR has been a topic here on our site for some time. Many of us have tried the dongle/upconverter hassle and I am pretty sure we loved the SDR side but hated the hardware. This device takes care of that. From the YouTube channel linked below here are some basic facts..

The SDRplay RSP is the natural step up from a low cost dongle - covering 10 kHz to 2 GHz without the need of an up-converter - with high performance front end filters and 12 bit ADC, it gives outstanding general coverage RX capability. As well as supporting popular 3rd party SDR software it comes with downloadable SDRuno software.

For more information see I also noticed it is featured in the latest QST magazine!

Here is the SDR Play YouTube Channel

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