Thursday, March 3, 2016

SEKARC 442.675 is ON THE AIR !!!

Thanks to the help of the many listed below the SEKARC System Fusion repeater is up and on the air! 442.675 + offset with a PL tone of 91.5. Please feel free to put your call out there so we can get some signal reports. The Diamond X-50 antenna is not up very high so the reach will not be fantastic but give it a try!

It is the recently purchased Yaesu System Fusion repeater and we were able to complete the install after receiving a donation from Ron Young WØSEJ of a duplexer which is working fantastic. Thank you SO much Ron and you have a free cup of coffee every Wednesday you can make it over to the SEKARC Coffee QSO! Also helpful was Steve Tandy NØSLT who donated coax for the installation!

Most of the club members that helped are leaning towards adding an EchoLink connection to the repeater for now with the potential of adding a K-Link connection down the road so we will start the process of getting a node so stay tuned for updates! Here is the link to the repeater listing on REPEATERBOOK.COM

Special thanks to: Tyler Costantini KBØPQP, Ron Ginardi KBØNRG, Steve Draper N5SD, Joe Porter WØMQY, Bill Bradrick WBØLXZ, Leon Heer N3LRH and more for the help with this project! This has been a huge goal for the club and WE DID IT !!!

Below are some photos from the duplexer testing and install location.

On The Bench Testing and Adjusting

Donated Duplexer In Line

Yaesu Fusion

Setup Site

Antenna ( the top one )

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