Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Simple Tape Measure DIY Antenna

I ran scross this on Romel's KEƘAKO facebook page and I thought many of us would have been looking for something like this! I think we should explore building some of these at a meeting. We probably should not do any soldering but I bet we can come up with a method of doing some pre soldering before the meeting.

The club could use some of it's resources to obtain the materials. We would need to find out how many are interested in making one so we know what quantities we would need. The antenna would be great for foxhuning which is on our list of todo's for 2015. It might also be a fun participation activity at Field Day out at Big Brutus! This site lays it out pretty well. There are a lot of ideas and projects for building tape measure antennas so if you know of another good one then send it our way!

Check out the article at the link below....

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