Saturday, February 28, 2015

Electronic Building Techniques Meeting Summary

For those that missed the Feb 28,2015 meeting, here is the presentation by Joe WØMQY on building techniques! We had a great meeting and thanks to those in attendance !! For those that were there we were given a great presentation on building tips and soldering adventures!

Thanks Joe, and GOOD JOB !! Here are some photos from the talk and the slide presentation is available to view below! One of the methods talked about was Manhattan style and thanks to Romel KEØAKO we have more information on that !!

Ugly Construction has its variations and the Manhattan Style Construction technique has become very popular. Manhattan or "paddy board" style uses small square or round pads cut or stamped from PC board which are glued copper side up on a large copper clad board which is also placed copper side up. The small pads or "islands"  are used for anchoring non-grounded components. Components soldered to the pads such as transistors or ICs are not positioned upside down like in standard Ugly Construction. Many Manhattan style builders use IC sockets as well. There is a tendency to make these projects look very nice and this is a wonderful ground-plane bread boarding technique for builders who have the time and ability to do this."

Romel also provided a great article here as well --->   Manhattan Building Techniques from K7QO

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